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Oct 18, 2016 · Clarke is a long-time 6-max pro, and literally wrote the book on 6-max. The Grinder’s Manual: A Complete Course in Online No Limit Holdem 6-Max Cash Games is a 500+ tour-de-force of 6-max. It builds from the ground up with a strategic framework specifically tailored to six-handed poker, and goes more in-depth with the format than any book All 6+ Hold’em games use a 36-card deck (with all cards lower than a 6 removed), which is shuffled before every hand is dealt. Games also use a ' button blind ' structure: every player posts an ante, and the player seated at the button position is the only one who posts a blind – meaning there is only one blind per hand, rather than 6-max refers to a poker table that is capped at a maximum of six seated players. So, at any point there may only be up to six players seated at the same table. 6-max play is extremely popular in online poker rooms. 3 4 5 has no gaps and can be completed with an Ace 2 on the low end, a 2 6, and a 6 7 on the high end. It is an open straight / straight flush. 2 3 4 has no gaps but can only be filled by an Ace 5, and a 5 6 on the high end. It cannot be completed using two cards on the low end so it is an inside straight / straight flush. Great 6 max player can expect to make around 5 big blinds for each 100 hands played, so if you are a good $1/$2 no limit player you can expect to win $10 for each 100 hands played. If you steam occasionally and throw stacks away grinding them back might take very long.

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Poker Starting Hand Chart (6-Max Cash, 100bb) As such, it’s essential only to raise hands that are going to be +EV to start with (for an open-raise). And thanks to the help of poker solvers like PokerSnowie and PioSolver, we can create a baseline for our 6-Max poker starting hand chart. A good 6-max regular will typically have a 3bet frequency of around 7-10%. The average 6-max poker player at lower limit games is likely to 3bet closer to 4% of hands. This information has an effect on how we should respond when facing a 3bet from an unknown opponent. A 6-max poker game might be a game of aggression, but you must also throw in some deception. This is more advanced than basic Texas Hold’em strategy, but only in a psychological sense. There are not mathematical formulas to figure out. Big Blind Defense. Defending your big blind in a 6-max is a basic Texas Hold’em strategy.